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Our online classes will propel your design career and feed your creative hobby with a recognised diploma in a wide range of professional design courses from Graphic Design to Interior Design. Taught by subject matter professionals, you get the freedom to learn to an advanced level or gain a range of beginner skills in multiple areas of design.


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Explore Online Design Courses

At Upskillist, design courses are our specialty, with over 1 million students graduating with newfound design skills and paving their way to a new career. With technology advancements and design skills in far greater demand than ever before, we have created courses that will equip you with the creative and practical skills to succeed in various design industries from Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, AutoCAD, and more.

Our educators are industry experts with decades of experience, providing you with over 20 hours of learning in every course. Whether you’d like to change careers or pick up a new creative hobby, all Upskillist design courses come with a free trial, giving you the flexibility to decide how far you want to take your design knowledge.

Course Benefits

Flexible online classes
Pick your schedule or on-demand.
Pause course
Take a break any time.
Education support
Always get your answers.
Course materials
Extra resources, extra help.
Accredited Courses
Globally recognised.
Mutiple Faculties
80+ courses.